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Who We Are

Established in 2011, Diagnomics is one of the first Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based genomics companies located in California. Our mission is to provide sophisticated solutions for personalized medicine and next generation healthcare.

Diagnomics offers high quality innovative R&D and CLIA services to global pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies as well as academic institutions. Diagnomics provides comprehensive consumer genomics solutions based on several platforms including but not limited to DNA microarrays, Next Generation Sequencing and real-time PCR. We strive to deliver confidence and reliability by offering comprehensive genetic solutions for the development of personalized healthcare and precision medicine in the genomic market.

Our strength comes from a highly qualified team of scientists including early pioneers in sequencing the human genome. We have cutting edge genome presentation software as well as genome discovery expertise to guide the development of novel diagnostic tools and new therapeutic targets.

IT Infrastructure

During recent years, one notable trend is the convergence of biotechnology and information technology (IT). Major IT advances have influenced and cross-fertilized bioinformatics and allows us now to advance genome analysis to a point that can lead to more precise personalized medicine. We are taking high-throughput computation and informatics seriously, and are constantly upgrading our server farm and softwares to enable cutting-edge bioinformatics for state-of-the-art genomic analysis. To that end, we house our IT infrastructure at a world class data center. Our server farm is located in San Diego, California at the ScaleMatrix facility and we have plans to build multiple data centers worldwide. Diagnomics is one of the first genomics companies in the cloud space and our software is highly advanced.

Featured Clinical Research Services

Our turn key solutions include study, planning and design, protocol/platform development, bioinformatics and statistical analysis, as well as data management and IT, paired with regulatory guidance/ support.

In Diagnomics, our team is continuously developing clinical assay solutions that will help patients and doctors to analyze genomic data and genetic diseases

Diagnomics provides complete personal genome sequencing and bioinformatics solutions to biomedical researchers, physicians, and individuals seeking to understand the roles genes play in personal health and disease.

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Personalized Solution

Personalized medicine is a rapidly advancing field of healthcare that is based upon each person’s unique clinical, genomic, and environmental information. Because these factors are different for every person, the nature of diseases – including their onset, their course, and how they might respond to drugs or other interventions – is as individual as the people who carry them.

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