Our Quantstudio 12k Flex Real-Time PCR system sets a new standard for automated analysis for researchers conducting large genotyping or gene expression studies. This technology helps save time and resources compared to running experiments in multiple 384-well plates. It can produce up to 110,000 data points in an 8-hour day with minimal training and as little as 20 minutes of hands-on time per run.


  • Maximum Speed and Throughput: Up to 110,000 data points per 8 hour day, completing a project in days rather than weeks
  • Simple Workflow: Integrated software tracking features that easily map and track samples, providing confident results
  • Reduced Start-Up and Hands-on-Time: Automated sample loading
  • Integrated Analysis and Quality Systems: comprehensive software analysis tools for gene expression, genotyping, and digital PCR.
  • Economical Processing: Saves samples and reduces reagent costs through cost-effective usage of nanoliter volumes

Openarray technology

  • Openarray is a broadly applicable nanoliter fluidics platform for low-volume, solution-phase reactions. Quantstudio 12K Flex Openarray plates are microscope slide-sized and are arranged in 48 subarrays of 64 through-holes, with a total of 3,072 through-holes for individual 33nL reactions. Plates are coated with hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds to retain reagents in through-holes via surface tension.