We offer turnkey solutions for clinical and translational research by providing study planning and design help, platform and protocol development know-how, bioinformatics and statistical analysis solutions, data management and IT resources, as well as regulatory guidance and support.

Diagnomics is a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory with Diagnomics-On-Cloud plugged into Diagnomics’ genomics platform, enabling clinical and translational research, especially under a regulated environment.

Diagnomics also offers a seamless implementation of molecular assays into a CLIA environment.

A list of Diagnomics’ analysis platforms is available here.

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Cancer Genome Sequence and Analysis

Diagnomics’ cancer genome service is focused on sequencing both normal and cancer tissue to identify somatic mutations that may provide valuable information for personalized cancer diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. By comparing normal and cancer genome sequence data, somatic variations such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP), insertions and deletions, copy number variations (CNVs), tandem repeats, and other structural variations can be obtained and further annotated.

Cancer sample Service (Tissue, FFPE$ + Normal sample)

  • Sequencing and CAS Bioinformatics (minimum 30x coverage for normal tissue sample and 60x coverage for cancer sample):
  • Turn around time: 14 weeks
  • Pricing inquiries should be addressed to

$FFPE Sample Sequencing:

  1. FFPE sample requirements: 100 mm2 in surface area and 100 µm (0.1 mm) thick.
  2. DNA QC procedure: Use of a Qubit Fluorometer to measure the DNA concentration and mini agarose gel to check the DNA size distribution. Diagnomics will avoid wasting samples by taking the minimal amount of sample (or diluted sample) necessary to perform said procedures, and it only takes a few ng of DNA for both tests.
  3. DNA sample requirements: >1 µg of genomic DNA is required for WGRS sequencing, OD260/280 = 1.8~2. A lower sample amount down to 200 ng will be considered for custom projects. In regards to DNA size, it is required to have DNA>300 bp. For smaller DNA sizes, we will construct the library without fragmentation. But Diagnomics will try DNA less than 300 bp only if customer agrees and pays for the effort.
  4. Sample extraction and QC cost will be charged in advance for all samples to processed.