Molecular Assay Development

From the result of the clinical and translational researches, Diagnomics helps our clients to build biological and molecular assays based on genomics platforms.

Implementation of the assay into Diagnomics CLIA/CAP

Furthermore, Diagnomics can implement the developed assays into Diagnomics’ CLIA and CAP environment that provides our clients the fastest route to launching their validated assays into clinical market.

Bioinformatics Assay

Finely-tuned bioinformatics analysis solution is an essential and integral part of most multivariate genomics assays. Diagnomics can take genomics assays and turn them into cloud-based bioinformatics assays. Furthermore, we can enable clinical reporting of the molecular assays through our CLIA-certified Diagnomics-On-Cloud bioinformatics platform. See currently available clinical reporting products in Diagnomics-On-Cloud.

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