What is BRCARE test?

  • BRCARE test for BRCA1/2 genes using parallel sequencing for accuracy that compares between bioinformatics analysis and pathogenicity mutation.
  • BRCARE Plus tests are rare genes mutation in TP53, PTEN, CDH1, and PALB2 for providing with precision analysis
  • Advantages of BRCARE test
    • 4 weeks to get result
    • High detection rate (99.9%)
    • Easily recognized report
    • High-quality reference data
  • Available with blood/saliva sample

What is the BRCA gene (Breast Cancer Gene)?

BRCA genes: human genes that produce tumor suppressor proteins that help repair damaged DNA. BRCA1, located on chromosome 17 and BRCA2, located on chromosome 13 have been known to cause inherited breast cancer. People with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations have children with 50% chance of possessing the same autosomal dominant mutation in those genes. If a person does not have a family history, the risk of developing breast cancer is up to 33% in 70 years of age, but a person with a family history most likely have the risk up to 58% in 50 years of age.


  • Step 1: medical consultation in a doctor’s office
  • Step 2: sample collection & QC
  • Step 3: Extract DNA from blood & QC
  • Step 4: sequencing & analysis
  • Step 5: final report