NGS Custom Data Analysis

Variant analysis

NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and Microarray systems are widely used to identify disease-causing variants in patients with multiple congenital abnormalities and rare, undiagnosed genetic disorders. We provide variant identification, variant annotation and visualization using tools developed with our own algorithm

RNA seq.

We offer a complete solution for transcriptome sequencing applications using either the Illumina NextSeq500 and Proton system. Also we provide the answer of gene expression, identification of new genes and alternative splicing using our own pipeline with Tophat & Cufflinks.


Recently, NGS platforms allow high-throughput sequencing in Microbiome without culturing, increasing the number available for testing. These advances in metagenomics are being used in research that may lead to future new drug, agricultural and industrial products. We provide sequencing and metagenome reporting services of 16S-RNA seq, De novo seq and paleogenomics.